Detailed journey of customers, when they visit your Website:
- The first page the customer visits (also called the first point), the itinerary pages and the last page the customer visits (also called the last point),
- Time to view each page of each customer,
- The number of visits to each page of each customer.
Which channel customers access to your Website:
- Direct ?
- Social networks ?
- Search engines ?
- Or from other channels ?
Geolocation of customers:
- Which country ?
- Which state, which area ?
- Which province, Which city ?
As a result you are stuck at LEVEL 2 of the digital marketting funnel.
- Sales growth is slow or declines (for Trade - Service).
- Number of article visitors or interest declines (for Blogger).
- Low or declining views (for Entertainment and News fields).
- Business performance declines for other businesses.
The reason is that you do not analyze, assess the level of interest and actual needs of each specific customer, as well as of all customers. Means you are stuck at LEVEL 2 of the digital marketing funnel, a key and extremely important LEVEL that helps you achieve maximum results for your plan.
You may understand that, but there is nothing you can do about it, you seem helpless because you cannot pass LEVEL 2 properly...
Understanding that difficulty, a useful solution that you have researched and found, helps you overcome the limits of LEVEL 2.
AI technology will automatically analyze and evaluate the interest of each user object through:
- Page view time per page,
- Number of views per page.
Integrate special features:
- Detect users accessing your Website through any referral channel: direct, social networks, search engines or through other channels ...,
- Get detailed information about the user's device,
- Geolocation detection (Country, State - Region, City - Province) and user location coordinates.
Integrate Live Time feature (Real Time):
- Number of users visiting the Website in real time,
- Details of pages visited by each user object in real time.
Integrate discount code firing feature, get personal information or send advisory article to each user interested in:
- Ability to shoot discount code, get personal information or send advisory article to each interested user in real time by manual or automatic method, integrate display notification on gift box or Popup,
- Ability to shoot discount code, get personal information or send advisory article to each interested user after they have left but still return in the future by manual or automatic method. When the user returns, the gift box will display a notification or Popup will be turned on for the user to know.
Integrate analysis of important indicators:
- Bounce rate,
- Referral rate or access rate from channels to your Website.
Integrated analysis tools (1Click):
- Evaluate, compare, rank by the rate of access from channels,
- Evaluate, compare, rank by the rate of access from devices and software used by users,
- Evaluate, compare, rank according to the rate of access from a user's geographical location,
- Top pages rank on the Website system,
- Top users rank on the Website system.
Integrate multi-function management:
- Manage users by timeline,
- User management by object: helps you identify the first page a user accesses (also known as the first point), the itinerary pages, and the last page the user visits (also known as the endpoint) of each specific customers.
- Integrating the most advanced multi-data filter in the world, helping you filter the data to meet multiple conditions at once to serve the most demanding management needs of you.
Icon installation options and add-ons that suit each Website.
Integrating tool to evaluate the effectiveness of communication, advertising on social networks and search tools:
- Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of communication, advertising on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, ... and search tools Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... through the criteria that you set such as: page views, time on page and number of other pages need to see more when user Click on your ads page from social networks and search tools,
- Ability to statistic (count) the number of ad Clicks, help you collate with the number of ad Clicks provided by the ad distributor to charge you. If there is a large difference in Clicks, pause the ad immediately. You can also provide evidence and ask the ad distributor to explain the reason,
- Ability to detect Click duplicates (ie, redistribute ads to users who have previously viewed and Clicked on ads). In other words, these Clicks are the Clicks that do not comply with the ad delivery commitment (if they still charge you) or the Clicks are not charged according to the ad delivery commitment.
From the evaluation results, we should adjust or consider eliminating ineffective campaigns to save costs, promote effective campaigns.
Integrating SEO performance evaluation tool (search engine optimization on search pages):
- Ability to evaluate SEO effectiveness (search engine optimization on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ...) through current general SEO criteria and advanced criteria you set as: time on page, number of other pages need to see more, geographic location after the user Click on the search result,
- Ability to statistic (count) Clicks from the search page to a specific page on your Website system.
From the evaluation results, if it is good, let's try to maintain rankings on the search pages by updating useful articles regularly to attract users, if is not good, find ways to further optimize SEO effectiveness to gradually improve the ranking on the search pages.
Integrating website speed testing tool:
- Ability to test and evaluate Website speed and provide solutions to speed up the Website to achieve the highest browsing efficiency for users.
Take advantage of the results from MY USER INFO to:
- Find out the strengths of the business or find the user's favorite trends, based on the criteria: visits, visit time of the pages,
- Promote areas where users care a lot, find ways to promote areas where customers are less interested, consider eliminating ineffective areas.
It can be seen that MY USER INFO is not only a tool that helps you analyze and evaluate users in detail, but also helps you analyze and assess the vital core elements of different types of business. Based on that, you can gradually strategize to achieve the highest efficiency for all plans !